A Comprehensive Look At The Graviola fruit health benefits


While Graviola became prevalent recently in the West, it boasts a long and amusing history in ancient herbal treatments and remedies. Its other names include guanabana, sour sop, and cherimoya. It’s a tree that grows no more than 10 meters in height, and is more established in the tropical America.

The graviola is absolutely tasty. Apparently, it tastes more like a custard apple, which explains why it’s been used for a long time to add flavor to ice cream, jams, nectars and juices. Graviola is a natural product that’s not patentable, and its extract is just a dietary supplement. The supplement is 100 per cent natural and pure.

Graviola does not have a problem with compatibility. There’s no incompatibility, and this is why it complements quite well with other traditional treatments that a patient is going through. They’ve no secondary effects, either. Plus, they don’t pose allergies or intolerance reactions.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the Graviola fruit health benefits.

Reduces fever
Since ancient times, graviola’s fruit (including its juice) has been utilized to reduce fever. In addition to this, graviola fruits can help when it comes to relieving diarrhea and dysentery. Its fruits can even kill worms and parasites that exist in the digestive tract.

Apparently, the roots of sour sop have been categorized as anti-parasitic. In actual essence, it means that it’s used in getting rid of lice in the pet’s fur, or even in your kid’s hair. According to the research, the sour sop tea can be useful in terms of regulating blood pressure. This is because it encompasses hypotensive properties that a patient with high blood pressure requires for treatment.

Treats inflamed mucus membranes
In some regions of the world, such as the mountains of Peru, the leaves of graviola are often brewed prior to being used in treating inflamed mucus membranes. Their leaves help in facilitating the discharge of mucus from one’s nose, throat as well as lungs.

In the regions of Amazon, people use sour sop fruits and leaves to control blood sugar for their loved ones with diabetes. Similarly, people take tea made from sour sop leaves in the West Indies to treat asthma, flu and cough. Breastfeeding moms are also advised to eat sour sop fruits to upturn the supply of breast milk.

Regulates bowel movements
Graviola fruits are rich in fiber. This means that regular consumption of their fruits help in regulating bowel movements. Graviola fruits can help stop constipation and hemorrhoids.

Heart and nerve disease prevention
Graviola fruits aid in proper metabolism, blood circulation and can prevent damage to the nerves. Since it prevents damage to your nerves, you’ll have a better functioning heart. Your nervous system will equally be less likely to get damaged with age.

Prevents Osteoporosis
Graviola is rich in phosphorous and calcium. It helps strengthen your bones while preventing your joint and bones against diseases like Osteoporosis.

Builds a stronger immune system
Graviola boasts dozens of remarkable properties that are absolutely essential in keeping the immune system strong. These properties often eliminate free radicals, ensuring your immune system gets optimum health to perform its functions effectively.