Can Adrafinil Help You Study?

The main purpose of this drug is to boost alertness and wakefulness. It is also characterized by reducing fatigue. As a Student, you have probably worked a lot, are very exhausted and have a lot of assignments, research, or thesis for masters to complete. If this is the case then Adrafinil maybe for you.

The oral administration of this drug boosts the level of hypocretin, a substance in the brain which ensures maximum concentration. It also ensures that those who are using it stay awake. Some other benefits of this drug are that it promotes a sense of well-being, prevents the breakdown of dopamine that reduces stress by improving mood and enhances pleasure.

Apart from giving one energy, the drug also improves the user’s memory and learning capacity.

You must be in the right mindset in order for you to effectively study. If you have a distracted mind, then reading would be a whole lot of frustration. This drug has been shown to have the capacity to improve the user’s memory.


Reading with an exhausted body won’t work out well. In fact, a body that is tired would definitely send the mind into sleep but thanks to Adrafinil for it is characterized by reducing fatigue and giving the body energy.

Adrafinil acts as a stimulant. It gives energy and power to channel the energy in a focused manner. If you suffer from focus loss, then this drug may be good for you.

Adrafinil also helps the brain to gather information more effectively. In addition, it also makes the brain overclock, thus able to recall things better.

Some people are not able to retain information for long. Once they read and close their books that is all. All the whole information gets lost. But since adrafinil boosts the neural connection in your brain as you study, you are able to make the information remain in the brain for longer.

Side effects of Adrafinil

The side effects of Adrafinil is the sole reason that makes most people not want to use it. It sometimes makes people feel dizzy, causes stomachaches, nausea and headaches when used in excess. When used over a long period of time it can  cause liver problems. But all in all, it actually functions to boost the mind at the time of use and this is very important while studying.

You should also not be worried because when you are using in the right way just as other drugs, it won’t cause much harm.