7 Best Foods For Building Muscle

Building bigger muscles is a popular ambition for many people. There are many things you have to get right to make your muscles bigger and stronger. The two most important major that you need to consider is your diet and workout routine. These two must be applied and maintained in a perfect balance for getting the best results from your bodybuilding endeavors.”

Without a proper muscle building diet intake the time and effort you spend at training will only deliver minimum results, so getting the good quality nutrients in to your body is essential.

By eating the right nutrition you will experience far better results in gaining more muscle size, strength. Good nutrition is also important for giving you higher levels of energy, which again is essential for performing intensive workouts and lifting heavy weights.

Here is a list of some popular and natural foods high in protein to increase muscle mass and strength:


Not only is tuna an excellent source of healthy lean proteins. In fact, one can of tuna can supply up to 80% of your daily protein requirements. Tuna is also full of many other nutrients that can help the body promote muscle growth. Tuna is low in saturated fats so it’s a great source of food for lowering bad cholesterol.

What’s more, tuna is packed with an impressive array of vitamins and minerals. And according to the USDA National Nutritional database these include selenium, iron, phosphorous and magnesium.When it comes to vitamins tuna does not fail to impress as it’s abundant in vitamin B12 and B3 (niacin), vitamin B6 and B2 (riboflavin). B vitamins are very important for energy production and blood circulation.

When you include tuna into your bodybuilding diet you’re not only going to help your body build healthy muscle mass but tuna also helps to keep your heart and eye sight healthy.

Last but certainly not least, tuna is a excellent source omega 3 fatty acids which are linked to a host of health benefits including weight loss. For example, omega fatty acids stimulate a hormone called leptin which helps to reduce food cravings. This helps us to control the amount of food we eat so that we only need for our energy needs.

If you can get your hands on tuna or if you want to try something else then salmons makes for another healthier alternative. In fact, salmon may boost testosterone as its a good source of vitamin D.


Eggs have an abundant amount of high-quality proteins. They’re also high is essential amino acids and choline. Eggs also have many nutrients, fat, and vitamin D, so they should be considered as part of any bodybuilding diet.

Eggs also contain choline and B vitamins which are important for energy production. They are also low cost and offer good valuable for money. Furthermore, research states that eggs play an important role in reducing heart disease and high levels of cholesterol. Eggs are considered a serious muscle building food as the cholesterol found in egg yolk can stimulate hormonal growth.

Skinless Chicken

The Skinless Chicken is one of the best options for getting high-quality proteins that are important for muscle maintenance, bone health, weight control and muscle fiber repair. When preparing the chicken it is best to remove the skin because it is very high in fat. Chicken is also very versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes from simple sandwiches to tasty casseroles.

Cottage Cheese:

Cottage Cheese is a good source of pure casein which is a slow digesting protein that is considered perfect for muscle maintenance and growth. Cottage cheese also has a high carbohydrate content which can provide more energy and stamina to the body. In addition, cottage cheese is also an excellent source of calcium, vitamin B12 and many other healthy and important nutrients.

Mixed Nuts:

Mixed nuts provide another excellent source of proteins and can be conveniently eaten as a healthy snack. Nuts are helpful in controlling fat and boosting stamina in the body. As well as being rich in proteins they are also a good source of healthy fats. There is great variety to choose ranging from almonds, hazel nuts, walnuts, brazil, and cashew nuts for improving your muscle strength.

Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is another source rich in healthy fats and proteins. It can be used to spread on bread as a vegetable dip or added to improve the taste of other dishes.There are many more muscle building foods that you can add to your diet, but this select is a good place to start.

Protein is a vital nutrient to enhance muscle growth and repair muscle tissue and should always be part of a muscle building diet. Its also important to avoid processed foods as they contain high levels of saturated fats, additives and sugar. Eating these foods will only undermine your results.

Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt is a great source of high quality protein. It actually contains a mix of slow and fast digesting casein proteins. This is important because research shows that a combination of both can aid muscle growth.

What’s more, Greek yogurt contains nearly twice as much protein compared to your average run of the mill regular yogurts.  Greek yogurt is also a tasty versatile snack that can be taken at any time of the day. For example, I take it in morning and mix it with oatmeal, bananas and blueberries. Very tasty indeed.

What about Supplements

Although supplements can never replace real food they are beneficial when time is resource that you don’t have. We all live busy lives nowadays and going to the shops –every other day and then preparing and cooking food can be a real time suck.

This is where supplements such as protein powders and muscle building supplements can be real real help. They can be incorporated into your bodybuilding diet and lifestyle to ensure that you are getting adequate amounts of protein to promote muscle growth. Of course you should never rely ob supplements too much and they should never be used as a replacement for real food.


Testofuel supplementTestoFuel is a muscle-building supplement that is widely used mostly by men, especially athletes and body builders to enable them increase their muscle and strength.

These supplements are designed to increase testosterone levels, which is usually the main factor essential for the building of muscles. They accomplish this by providing the body with nutrients such as Methulu which it requires for production of more testosterone.

Most people who use TestoFuel use it either because they do not produce enough testosterone to enable them increase their muscle naturally or because they have no time for exercise, are unable to perform exercise on a daily routine to improve their muscle due to boredom, or are too easy. People, who need recognition, to look like superheroes due to strength and muscle increase can take these supplements instead of spending lots of hours of precious time in the gym, which is a quicker and convenient easy process than lifting heavy strenuous weights of iron and increasing protein intake and no observable changes occurs.

Apart from an increase in muscle growth, TestoFuel supplements aids in reduction of body fat, they produce nutrients that promote enzyme activity in the cell metabolism to burn down body fat. Most women actively consume the supplements to reduce their body fats instead of sweaty sessions at the gym and strenuous exercises. Ladies and men who are not comfortable, especially with their stomach, as they are huge with excess accumulated body fats should actually take the supplements for a flat thin tummy.

Use of Testo Fuel

TestoFuel supplements increase libido, for couples having unsatisfying sex lives due to either one or both partners having reduced sex drive should be in the look out of these supplements because they are actually effective to revitalize one sex drive. The supplements bring increase-roved orgasms of both sexes making them feel maximum pleasure in most cases never experienced before. The supplements guarantee longer sex periods in bed, which leads to both partner satisfactions. Some people believe and claim that the supplement leads to the reduction of size of male private parts. However, this is not true; a recent study measured the effects of this testosterone supplement on men on a six-month period and found no reported abnormalities of this kind.

TestoFuel supplements also improve one’s mood, the supplement pills are recommended for those people whore are fast to temper, victimized, with low self-esteem, low self confidence and are always sad. The supplements play a great deal in changing this aspect to a greater positive mood as increase in testosterone levels as a result of the supplement pills leads to loads of excitement. I strongly recommend use of TestoFuel supplements to maintain a youthful vitality.


5 Top Foods for Building Muscle

If you want to build lean muscle mass, you need to combine good nutrition with an exercise program. Many people think that means just to eat more meat, but that’s not all of it.

gold-standard-wheyThe best nutrients for building muscle contain lots of protein, glutamine, and high-quality carbohydrates. Here are some of the foods you should make part of any muscle-building diet.

Brown rice is an example of high-quality carbs that you should eat if you want to build muscle. Brown rice digests slowly, providing energy throughout the day. It also boosts levels of growth hormone in your body, which is vital for increasing muscle mass and strength. This hormone also aids in fat loss.

Eat cottage cheese as a late night snack before bed. Cottage cheese is a rich source of casein, the slowest digesting form of protein. Having a source of casein in your stomach prevents your body from using your muscles as an energy source during the night.

Eggs are one of the most perfect muscle building foods. They are high in protein and low in calories, and the cholesterol in the yolks has actually been shown to reduce the levels of HDL (“bad”) cholesterol in your bloodstream. The protein in eggs is more accessible to your muscles than any other type of protein, including that in meat.

Yogurt is a great high-protein snack for after your workout. The combination of protein and carbohydrates in yogurt is perfect for muscle recovery and growth. It also contains high levels of conjugated linoleic acid, which helps with reducing body fat. Pick a flavor that is not sugar free, and preferably one with real fruit in it. The extra sugar will keep your insulin levels up, which is important after a workout to prevent your body from breaking down the muscle tissue you just built up.

Organic milk is another dairy product that should be part of your muscle-building diet. Milk contains both whey and casein proteins, providing your body with lots of accessible protein. It is also high in glutamine, an amino acid which promotes muscle growth, reduces muscle breakdown, and keeps your immune function at its peak. Organic milk is preferable to regular milk since it contains more omega-3 fatty acids.

Good muscle-building nutrition doesn’t stop with protein powder or lots of lean beef. By the way I recommend Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein. It is the best protein powder supplement available.

There are many aspects to a muscle-building diet that you have to consider, such as carbohydrates and the types of protein that you are eating. You also need some weights such as dumbbells and a sturdy dumbbell bench.

Three Benefits To Owning A Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

When you want to workout, you may not want to go to the gym all the time. This is when you should explore the benefits that are present with owning your own Bowflex Blaze home gym to workout on.


The problem is these gyms at home are expensive and often times if you are not disciplined enough to use them, you could waste your money due to lack of use.

Here are some of the benefits you will find of working out at home, with these gyms, instead of getting a gym membership.

Train When It Suits You

Time that you can workout is important, but a lot of times when you are heading out the door to the office you may not feel like a training session at the gym.

When you do this, you just go straight to the office, after stopping to get your breakfast and coffee from the restaurant. However, with the home gym you can workout at any time you want and not feel the rush to get to work or somewhere else.

No Need To Worry About People Looking At You

Also the ability to workout without the fear of other people criticizing you is something else you will like. Often the reason people, you included, avoid the gym is they tend to be self conscious of other people watching them when they are working out.

When you have this fear, you often avoid going to the gym and end up getting fatter, but also less toned. With the Bowflex Blaze home gym, though, you do not have this fear and can easily work out from home.

Having a chance to get in shape is a good thing. However, you will quickly find that if you are self conscious of how you look or are a poor manager of time you can have trouble getting to the gym.

This is when you should discover the benefits of the home gym and how these excuses are no longer in play and can easily lead to you having a great time working out.

Also don’t forget when your working out and training hard to get the proper muscle building nutrition. It’s very important to get lots of high quality whey protein.

Three Natural Testosterone Boosters And Their Importance

Testosterone is a vital hormone in every male. It is the hormone responsible for vitality, agility and performance.  Although testosterone production is natural, a number of factors do affect its production.

Factors such as aging, obesity, drug reaction, unbecoming lifestyles and unhealthy dieting habits are believed to cause low testosterone production.

Low levels of testosterone production are harmful to men in that, it reduces their sexual drive, causes obesity and even worse, leads to erectile dysfunction.

Although one’s age could be the main cause of this, you can still enhance testosterone production naturally. This article discusses several natural home remedies that can help boost the body’s testosterone production.

The first step to boosting testosterone production is by watching your weight and lifestyle. Overweight and obese persons have the highest risk of suffering from low testosterone levels.

This is the reason why obese individuals suffer from loss of concentration and will under most instances sleep during working hours. Improving your lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising at home to shed a couple of pounds could therefore help boost testosterone production.

Eating foods that promote testosterone production is one of the best and most efficient ways of increasing testosterone production.  The most recommended foods include tuna, dairy products, egg yolk, fortified foods, oysters, and lean meat. I also recommend a protein supplement if you are body-building.


All these foods have one thing in common, Vitamin D and zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral needed for testosterone production.  Most people however lack enough zinc in their bodies simply because they lead an unhealthy lifestyle and eat fast foods.

Fast foods are only rich in carbohydrates, fats and preservatives and devoid of essential minerals.  Increasing your intake of fresh foods such as salads, oysters, dairy products and seafood can however increase zinc supply, thus boost testosterone production.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential natural testosterone boosters.  Although there are omega 3 supplements available over the counter, it’s advisable to get your daily dosage by adding seafood in your diet plan. Tuna, salmon, and oysters are excellent sources of natural omega 3 fatty acids. You could also try a supplement such Test X180 Ignite.

Vitamin D is another essential vitamin that helps boost natural production of testosterone. Although basking in the morning sun can help supplement your Vitamin D supply, using fortified foods is recommended especially when there is no sunlight at all.

The remedies discussed above should help your body improve production of this vital hormone in the human body. One fact you however need to keep in mind is that, as long as you can maintain a physically fit body; then testosterone levels will never drop beyond zero.

Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone Production

Testosterone is an important hormone for both males and females. It is the hormone responsible for muscle and bone health, hair growth and helps boost one’s libido as well.

natural testosterone booster

Although the body produced testosterone naturally, certain factors may inhibit the same, leading to the low production of the same. Factors such as drug reaction, obesity and aging do contribute significantly to low testosterone production.

Obese persons, diabetics and those suffering from high blood pressure have the biggest risk of suffering from low testosterone production.

Although testosterone production can be boosted medically, many natural home remedies or test boosters can help you achieve the same results.

Natural remedies are mostly recommended as they have longer lasting effects as compared to clinical medicine that lasts a few days or months. Some of these natural home remedies are discussed below.

Obesity is one of the biggest inhibitors of testosterone production.  These patients find it hard to get an erection, and when they do, the erection doesn’t last for long.

It is for this reason why obese and overweight persons are advised to tone down and lose a few pounds of weight to help increase testosterone production. Some of the benefits that come with losing weight include ability to fight diabetes, high blood pressure and ability to last for long in bed.

Regular body exercise is mandatory for anyone who wants to maintain his testosterone levels in check.  Body exercise is effective in that, it helps boost blood floor to all body parts and organs, as well as helps the body burn excess fats within the tissues.

With enough, rich and oxygenated blood finding its way to the testicles, the body is once again capable of producing enough testosterone for all body functions that depend on it. Walking to work, taking the stairs, swimming and jogging gives the body enough exercise to boost testosterone production.

Living a healthy lifestyle and eating well (including testosterone boosting foods) is very important for your health and performance.

Lean proteins, fish, oysters and vitamin D have a tremendous impact on testosterone production. You however need to eat well-balanced meals and avoid fast foods that are high in preservatives and other minerals that may harm the production of many other hormones.

If possible, prepare your meals or eat at a restaurant that serves healthy meals.  Fortified foods are also very effective in treating hormone imbalances and other body conditions.

As long as you lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well and exercise, you will have greater chances of rejuvenating testosterone production.

Best Steroids And Alternative Anabolics For Bulking Up


Many people, both men and women, are becoming more interested in bodybuilding. This has also created a greater demand for muscle building supplements to help people get the most out of there training and to also promote the muscle building process.

Many professional bodybuilders use anabolic steroids to boost their muscle growth and one of the most famous and effect is Dianabol or Dbol for short.

The Dianabol steroid supplement will be the best option for increasing the body’s muscle size, stamina and strength.

Dianabol is often considered the top muscle building steroid available on the market, and they can be used by both the male and females to a lesser degree due to their anabolic side effects.

The D-Bol pills are the top class bodybuilding steroids, and it acts by increasing red blood cell production to create impressive gains in strength and mass.

Deca Durabolin is another well known steroids for building muscle and is a the answer for those people who have the hard time gaining muscle mass because the steroids is formulated to be fast-acting. The results will give you the exceptional gains in muscle size and strength.

Steroids To Increase Muscle Mass and Strength

D-Bol chemical name is Methandrostenolone and it creates the anabolic environment so that nitrogen retention will get increased more efficiently within the body.

This process provides the best option for increasing the muscle tissues in the human body and thereby enhancing the process of protein synthesis.

The Deca Durabolin is a powerful steroid supplement that can deliver quick results with increased muscle strength and mass. This muscle building anabolic steroid has the ability to enhance nitrogen retention for superior energy and pumps.

Taking the supplement will be efficient for increasing focus and drive especially during intensive workout and training sessions. A popular Dianabol bulking cycle often stacks testosterone, Deca and Dbol together.

Alternative Anabolic Supplements

One of the major drawbacks of taking steroids is the side effects they can produce. The fact is, they are chemical drugs and are actually illegal to use in the US and most of Western Europe. They need to be handled with care and under the guidance of a qualified physician.

Over dosing and prolonged use of steroids such as Dianabol and Deca can cause hair loss, acne, water retention, headaches, high blood pressure, gynecomastia and liver damage.

Fortunately, there is a new breed of supplements that can help to build muscle but with experiencing the side effects. These are alternative anabolic supplements are safe legal steroids.

They’re safe because they do not contain any chemical steroids. In fact, these muscle building pills are 100% natural.

One such product is D-Bal by CrazyBulk. This natural anabolic supplement is formulated to mimic the anabolic properties of Dianabol. To find out more details about Dbol alternatives go to  http://dbolmusclebulk.com/.

DBal contains high levels of whey protein and essential amino acids to enhance nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

Because DBal is completely natural you can use it for longer periods to achieve longer lasting results. Crazybulk also offer a full range of cutting and bulking stacks that you can pick and choose to tailor your own cycles to achieve your own specific goals.



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How To Care For Your Home Gym Equipment

There are a number of precautions that should be considered to ensure durability of your valuable and treasured asset.

Mechanical and manual care

This involves how you handle the equipment and how safe its environment is. First, if the equipment is instructed to be folded after use for storage, make sure you do exactly as instructed.

Before you fold it unplug it from the power source. In most cases, children would activate a machine that was left unplugged and the fact that they do not know how to use the machine might cause malfunctions.

For the sake of children’s lives and security of your equipment, ensure you lock the machine safely and keep the key to it carefully like you do to the house keys. For the free weights like barbells, they should be left in a very stable position to avoid fall that may cause damage.

When using the equipment, do not accelerate or decelerate abruptly. The machine is like a normal car in which you would cause harm to the areas experiencing friction if you stopped it abruptly.

Remember enhancing the durability of the home gym equipment is part of your responsibility and this is one way of doing it.

Hygienic care

Most people will not realize that gym equipment especially the private ones at home are prone to germs too. In most cases, the sweat residue usually remains on the mats and seats of the equipment.

After touching such and touching your sensitive face skin, you may end up having minor effects such as pimples or rashes. To curb this, ensure you clean all your gym equipment before and after use.

This is because dust and other microscopic organisms may get into contact with your equipment before you get to use them. There is no loss in preventing rather than curing. Have a sanitizing agent at your flexing room and actually use it to kill as many germs as possible.

After using the equipment, ensure you clean your hands as soon as possible before you are tempted to wipe off sweat from your face using your bare hands. In case you have a wound, ensure you cover it all through your flexing session and open it only after you are done with cleaning yourself.

Other equipment such as water bottles and towels should be kept clean all along.

It is advisable to consult a gym expert or visit musclegrowthsolutions.com on matters pertaining care at the gym room.