7 Best Foods For Building Muscle

Building bigger muscles is a popular ambition for many people. There are many things you have to get right to make your muscles bigger and stronger. The two most important major that you need to consider is your diet and workout routine. These two must be applied and maintained in a perfect balance for getting the best results from your bodybuilding endeavors.”

Without a proper muscle building diet intake the time and effort you spend at training will only deliver minimum results, so getting the good quality nutrients in to your body is essential.

By eating the right nutrition you will experience far better results in gaining more muscle size, strength. Good nutrition is also important for giving you higher levels of energy, which again is essential for performing intensive workouts and lifting heavy weights.

Here is a list of some popular and natural foods high in protein to increase muscle mass and strength:


Not only is tuna an excellent source of healthy lean proteins. In fact, one can of tuna can supply up to 80% of your daily protein requirements. Tuna is also full of many other nutrients that can help the body promote muscle growth. Tuna is low in saturated fats so it’s a great source of food for lowering bad cholesterol.

What’s more, tuna is packed with an impressive array of vitamins and minerals. And according to the USDA National Nutritional database these include selenium, iron, phosphorous and magnesium.When it comes to vitamins tuna does not fail to impress as it’s abundant in vitamin B12 and B3 (niacin), vitamin B6 and B2 (riboflavin). B vitamins are very important for energy production and blood circulation.

When you include tuna into your bodybuilding diet you’re not only going to help your body build healthy muscle mass but tuna also helps to keep your heart and eye sight healthy.

Last but certainly not least, tuna is a excellent source omega 3 fatty acids which are linked to a host of health benefits including weight loss. For example, omega fatty acids stimulate a hormone called leptin which helps to reduce food cravings. This helps us to control the amount of food we eat so that we only need for our energy needs.

If you can get your hands on tuna or if you want to try something else then salmons makes for another healthier alternative. In fact, salmon may boost testosterone as its a good source of vitamin D.


Eggs have an abundant amount of high-quality proteins. They’re also high is essential amino acids and choline. Eggs also have many nutrients, fat, and vitamin D, so they should be considered as part of any bodybuilding diet.

Eggs also contain choline and B vitamins which are important for energy production. They are also low cost and offer good valuable for money. Furthermore, research states that eggs play an important role in reducing heart disease and high levels of cholesterol. Eggs are considered a serious muscle building food as the cholesterol found in egg yolk can stimulate hormonal growth.

Skinless Chicken

The Skinless Chicken is one of the best options for getting high-quality proteins that are important for muscle maintenance, bone health, weight control and muscle fiber repair. When preparing the chicken it is best to remove the skin because it is very high in fat. Chicken is also very versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes from simple sandwiches to tasty casseroles.

Cottage Cheese:

Cottage Cheese is a good source of pure casein which is a slow digesting protein that is considered perfect for muscle maintenance and growth. Cottage cheese also has a high carbohydrate content which can provide more energy and stamina to the body. In addition, cottage cheese is also an excellent source of calcium, vitamin B12 and many other healthy and important nutrients.

Mixed Nuts:

Mixed nuts provide another excellent source of proteins and can be conveniently eaten as a healthy snack. Nuts are helpful in controlling fat and boosting stamina in the body. As well as being rich in proteins they are also a good source of healthy fats. There is great variety to choose ranging from almonds, hazel nuts, walnuts, brazil, and cashew nuts for improving your muscle strength.

Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is another source rich in healthy fats and proteins. It can be used to spread on bread as a vegetable dip or added to improve the taste of other dishes.There are many more muscle building foods that you can add to your diet, but this select is a good place to start.

Protein is a vital nutrient to enhance muscle growth and repair muscle tissue and should always be part of a muscle building diet. Its also important to avoid processed foods as they contain high levels of saturated fats, additives and sugar. Eating these foods will only undermine your results.

Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt is a great source of high quality protein. It actually contains a mix of slow and fast digesting casein proteins. This is important because research shows that a combination of both can aid muscle growth.

What’s more, Greek yogurt contains nearly twice as much protein compared to your average run of the mill regular yogurts.  Greek yogurt is also a tasty versatile snack that can be taken at any time of the day. For example, I take it in morning and mix it with oatmeal, bananas and blueberries. Very tasty indeed.

What about Supplements

Although supplements can never replace real food they are beneficial when time is resource that you don’t have. We all live busy lives nowadays and going to the shops –every other day and then preparing and cooking food can be a real time suck.

This is where supplements such as protein powders and muscle building supplements can be real real help. They can be incorporated into your bodybuilding diet and lifestyle to ensure that you are getting adequate amounts of protein to promote muscle growth. Of course you should never rely ob supplements too much and they should never be used as a replacement for real food.