Is Weight Loss With Green Tea Just A Fad Or Is It Fact?

green tea benefitsIf you are not one to spend all of your time working out at the gym yet you need a way to lose weight then using green tea as a weight loss mechanism is a good idea.

If you are already on a program for losing weight then adding green tea to your program will just give your current plan more punch.

There is one characteristic that really stands out and that is that with a documented thousand year history of use, there has never been a report of any adverse side effects.

Not only is the product free of bad side effects, it also is a powerful antioxidant which fights cancer, lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attack. There is no other diet pill, weight loss supplement or weight loss shake that can extol such wonderful attributes.

The Difference is in How The Tea is Processed

From its basic makeup, green tea is not all that much different from all of the other types of tea that we could purchase at the grocery store, or that which we could enjoy while eating at our favorite restaurant. The processing of the tea is what makes the difference and sets it apart.

When green tea is baked or steamed fermentation, which is oxidation, is prevented. The result is the retention of more of an element called ECGC which is an antioxidant and the primary ingredient attributed to the weight loss properties attributed to green tea.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

The process of weight loss that comes from using green tea is called thermogenesis. This involves the process of heat being released from the body, and this is thought to be the most significant part of the metabolism process.

When thermogenesis is increased, then the metabolism process is raised, and the result of that is the burning of more fat, which in turn increases energy. This occurs even when a person is at rest and not exercising. Green tea usage seems to target fat cells more readily than other cells which accounts for the additional energy people feel when they drink the green tea.

There are many studies which back these statements up and attest to the fact that green tea is a great remedy for ADD and a proven weight loss substance. The International Journal of Obesity, a very well respected journal stated that the extract from green tea increases calorie burning and that fat cells are specifically targeted in this process, releasing energy in the process.

Other Health Boosting Benefits

Not only are the facts of green tea weight loss pouring in, but the health advantages are evident from many sources as well. Many well known and reliable sources tout that green tea would be a valuable health booster even without all of the advantages of green tea as a weight loss product.

Green tea has been lauded as a substance that lowers the risks of Alzheimer’s Disease, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, fights cancer, lowers cholesterol of the bad kind, increases alertness from a mental standpoint, and regulates glucose levels, which helps diabetics.

The necessary amount of green tea that is consumed on a daily basis for maximum results for weight loss is still under scrutiny. Some say that drinking three cups a day will suffice, while other sources states that for maximum results it takes up to ten cups per day. Of course different people have different bodily makeup so factors will vary accordingly.

For many people a Green tea slimming supplement in capsule form is an easier way to go as you can more easily regulate the amount taken, but for those who enjoy the actual drinking of the tea that will work as well.