What Ever Happened To Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

oreck-xl-2000Oreck vacuum cleaners completely changed the speed of domestic life, when David Oreck got an ambitious desire to change the way hotel housekeepers performed their work in 1963.

In the 60s, hotel housekeepers were using over-sized sweepers that were extremely heavy and very difficult to push around. Moving from room to room to clean up after guests was definitely not fast and easy in those days.

David opened his family business in 1963 and introduced a lighter model that was smaller. This new model could be pushed from one room to the next with great ease and sped up the job for hotel housekeepers.

Oreck vacuum cleaners may have been he first on the market, but they definitely have plenty of competition today. In order to remain competitive in this market, the company is offering some of the best technological advances to be found anywhere.

Oreck Technology

Oreck is still up to their old tricks when it comes to designing lightweight sweepers that are easy to push from one room to another.

The modern Platinum Pilot vacuum weighs a mere ten pounds yet has a powerful suction technology that even gets dirt and debris that has worked its way deep into your carpeting or other fabrics of your home. Although it is still not one of the best vacuum cleaners for dog hair.

This model is also designed with a flexible pivoting ball-joint design which allows the head of the vacuum to twist and turn in sharper angles than most vacuums will turn.

This is an innovative idea intended as Oreck’s solution to our more modern problem: vacuums don’t go around corners very well! With this unique design, you can twist and turn around furniture legs and corners to get areas that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Many Oreck vacuum cleaners also have HEPA filters which prevent filthy air from being thrown out into your home as you sweep. Most people worry about the air quality inside their home and with HEPA filtration vacuums you can now cleanse the air along with your floors. This is an essential feature for anyone with allergies or asthma.

Incorporating a UVC light on the bottom of the Oreck Halo vacuum is another ingenious technological advance being embraced by the brand. The Halo vacuum emits a blue light from the bottom when you sweep.

This light kills off a variety of germs that remain in your carpeting and on your floors long after you think you’ve vacuumed up the mess. It’s recommended by Pet Vacuum Guy.

The Best Oreck Models Selling Today

Which Oreck vacuum cleaners are the best pick for your home depends ultimately on your needs. Let’s go over some of the best picks according to the unique features of specific vacuum models. What are you looking for in your home?

Sanitary Cleanse: The Oreck Halo vacuum is by far the best pick if you are looking for the cleanest, most sanitary house on the block. The UVC light that displays from the bottom of the sweeper while in use kills off germs while the actual vacuum features enough power and suction to trap all of the dust and debris hiding within your flooring.

It is also equipped with a HEPA filter which helps keep dust and other debris from flying back out into your air. This is an upright vacuum that may not be as lightweight as some other Oreck vacuum cleaners. Try the Navigator Lift Away if you want a vacuum that is lighter to carry.

Ease of Use: The Oreck Platinum Pilot upright vacuum is the best pick if you want something extremely lightweight and easy to use. It weighs just ten pounds and comes with HEPA air filtration.

Space Saving & Stairway Cleaning: If your goal is to bring in an Oreck vacuum cleaner that won’t take up a lot of space or which is easy to sweep up the stairway with, the Oreck Quest Canister Vac is a great selection.

It has a stylish appearance with a compact blue canister attached to a five foot extension wand and a variety of attachments and tools to ensure you reach every cress and crevice of your home. This is a very easy vacuum to store. It is suitable for smaller homes, dorm rooms, or for use in smaller areas of the home where a larger vacuum wouldn’t be very comfortable.

Oreck vacuum cleaners have a rich history in the American culture. They are one of the most recognized and respected names in the vacuum industry and today they are being used in many countries around the world. This is one brand that you can always rely upon!

If you want something a little different with much superior suction with no loss across every carpet in your home or office, then I suggest you try the Dyson DC33 Multi Floor instead.