What Is Gynectrol and How Can Be Used To Tackle Man Boobs Issue

Gynectrol supplement reviewGynectrol supplement is a pill which reduces the womanly looking chest and it is manufactured by what is called Crazybulk.

It acts by burning fatty tissue encompassing male breast as which is intemperate in quantity.

Therefore the primary working is the fatty tissue reduction in the chest area additionally like fat burner or the weight loss as well. This aides in adding the natural shape and the appearance of male breast all over.

In spite of the fact that Gynectrol pills can not be used in treating the hormonal imbalance as which is in like in the post on estrogen blockers, may be the hidden cause on this condition.

Fat burning effect of this pill is complimented with the regular exercise keeping in mind the end goal to acquire desired body shape.

What is Gynectrol pill made for? Let’s find the answer by analysing its ingredients.

Green Tea

Gynectrol pill contains 125mg of green tea extract per serving, enough measurements to hold your body fat within proper limits. With the assistance of exercise and diet as green tea will trigger thermogenic forms that incinerate your body fat fast.

Green tea is also abundant of antioxidants that will help strengthen the immune system, preventing you from developing chronic diseases, for example, cancers.


Theobromine or more known as cocoa, is the plant from which chocolate is made. Theobromine is packed with intense antioxidants called flavonoids.

The research about theobromine propose that it can help give a few measures of weight loss, especially if you join a sensible diet and regular the exercise.

Ingredients of Gynectrol

Sclareolides Seed Extract

Sclareolides may be the mystery formula of Gynectrol. This plant extract is known to be an amazingly effective adenylate cyclase activator, which has similar or a great deal more strong function than the forskolin.

This means that sclareolides stimulates adenylate cyclase autonomously of beta-2 receptors which means that it will give maximal effects that incorporates cyclic AMP increase.

At the point when your cyclic AMP is elevated, it will increase the nitrogen retention, which leads to more lean muscle mass while increasing lipolysis.

Sclareolides also display a vasodilatory effects, which regulates the blood pressure, while giving antithrombotic and antidepressant effects. It also has stimulating the effects on luteinizing hormone which results to more testosterone production, thus aiding your man boobs issues.


Lastly, Gynectrol pill do contains chromium, an essential trace element metal that is necessary for human health. The primary function of the chromium is to enhance blood sugar levels that peoples with diabetes to control their sugar levels.

Chromium is also used for depression, bad cholesterol reduction and obviously, weight loss. It acts as the blood sugar regulator which is to reduce to sugar cravings. The less you crave for food, the more you lose weight.